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When you have to analyse your data you need a tool that can stand to your expectations. 

The Tool You Need To Analyse Your Data

Zoho Analytics is a analytics tool which allows you to visually analyse your data and get all the insights you need to run your business. With Zoho analytics you can have any data source connected and merged to get the perfect reporting tool. 

Zoho Analytics

Connect With Multiple Sources

Zoho Analytics gives you the power to see your data the right way. You can easily connect with multiple datasources may it be on-premise or cloud and get the data into Zoho Analytics to get the right analytics and graphical representations you want

Analytics To The Next Level

Zoho Analytics is powered by AI(Artificial Intelligence) so you can ask Zia the AI based chatbot any questions in a natural language and get answers in the form of graphs and reports. The system also allows you to forecast trends based on the historical data you may have.

Collaborate. Build. Embed

You can share your reports with your colleagues collaborate and have conversations around it. You can Embed your designed reports and dashboards in any of your applications or sites to get the perfect brand flavour you want.

Want To Implement Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics Implementation Partner

Zoho Analytics is a tool which gets your business going the right way. You can connect multiple datasources to access data and make sense of it so you know exactly what is going right and what is not in your business. 

These reports needs to be built the right way and you need a right Zoho Analytics Partner to support you with this. We at Software Search understand your pain points and reporting needs to create beautiful yet meaning full reports and dashboards so you are always on top of your business. 

We also help you embed Zoho Analytics dashboard in other applications so you can have a seamless experience accessing the data. 

With Zoho Analytics You can

As a Zoho Analytics Partner we cattier to different needs of reporting and dashboard customisation. We also integrate Zoho Analytics with multiple other application within the Zoho ecosystem like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Creator, Zoho inventory and many more. We also partner with you to integrate Zoho Analytics with other ERP system like using API’s provided by Zoho. The flexibility provided by Zoho Analytics helps us build the right reporting tools for you so you can grow your business faster with the right data available when you need it. 

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ZOHO Apps Implementation

Getting the right partner to implement Zoho Apps is very important. Our team of consultants will ensure you use ZOHO to its fullest potential.

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ZOHO Apps Customisation

Sometimes Out-Of-The-Box processes might not be a good fit for your business. You need the right partner to understand your business and customise ZOHO.

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ZOHO Apps Support

With continues new features added to ZOHO, You need a partner who would support you to help your users utilise ZOHO to its potential.

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