Zoho CRM Plus

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Get complete suite of applications to manage your sales and marketing operations with the unified CRM Plus bundle from ZOHO

The Platform You Need To Grow Your Sales

Sales cycle involves a lot of actions from different teams. Right from lead generation o marketing to managing all those enquiries. Zoho CRM Plus is that platform which will help you execute your entire sales operations and giving you complete visibility. 

Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus Implementation Partner

Zoho CRM Plus comes with eight applications to help you with your sales and service. May it be your social media campaigns, Lead and pipeline management, Tracking visitors on your website, Sending out email campaigns, Taking surveys, Managing Customer help desk or execution of the project. Zoho CRM plus has it all. Added to that Zoho CRM plus comes with Zoho Analytics which is a comprehensive Business Intelligence reporting tool. All these applications are available in a unified view so you have all the data from a single screen. 

When it comes to teams wanting to push their marketing and sales activity, Zoho CRM plus has been a great choice. 

We at Software Search as your Zoho CRM Plus partner, understand your challenges and help you implement CRM plus in a way your entire Sales and marketing operation runs like a unified machine giving you more sales opportunities while also helping you achieve higher customer satisfaction. 

As a Zoho CRM Plus Partner we help you with Configuring, Customising and integrating with applications so your processes are rightly configured in the system and with our training services you are trained on how to best utilise its features. 

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a comprehensive end to end CRM to manage your leads, Deals, Contacts and Accounts. Zoho CRM also provides the necessary capability to customise the CRM to your own like or even automate based on different workflows. In short you get one of the most powerful CRM as a part of the Zoho CRM Plus platform.

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Zoho campaigns

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaign is a comprehensive Email marketing tool which helps you execute your promotional marketing strategy. You can create beautiful email templates and have them delivered to customer mailbox. Creating those nurturing campaigns becomes much easy with Zoho Campaigns. Zoho campaign also provides you with features where you can easily build action based conditional marketing campaigns so all the mails get triggered based on your customers behaviour. Zoho Provides this product as a part of the Zoho CRM Plus offering.

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Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

It is important how you manage your customers post you acquire them. Zoho Desk as a part of the ZohoCRM Plus bundle helps you do exactly that. You can manage customer tickets, Define escalation rules, and respond to them on time. With capability to manage customers across engagement channels like social media, email, telephony and many more. You can also create knowledge base for your customers so all the frequently asked answers are available for their ready reference.

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Zoho salesiq

Zoho Sales IQ

With the digital world exploding, it becomes important to track your website visitors and track their behaviour. Zoho Sales IQ helps you track and understand all your website visitors in real time also giving you the ability to engage with them when they are online. Zoho Sales IQ allows you to chat and have audio conversions with your customers while they are online giving your customers ease to access your services.

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Zoho Social

Zoho Social

With social media taking over the world staying connected with your customers become important. Zoho Social gives you the ability to schedule your posts across social media and monitor your social channels growth and engagement rates. Zoho social also forms a single window to manage all your social media handles engage with customers.

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Zoho survey

Zoho Survey

Knowing your customers feedback is much important part of your growth strategy. Zoho Survey as a part of the Zoho CRM Plus offering forms a very important application for your business. You can initiate surveys to all your customers and contacts to understand what exactly they feel about your offerings.

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Zoho analytics

Zoho Analytics

Analysing your data is important to take informed decisions. Zoho analytics integrates with all Zoho applications to bring to you insights you really need to grow. With this business intelligence tool you are sure to get statics of how your business has been growing and how your actions are reflecting on your sales and cashflows.

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Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Your project success reflects on how you plan the execution. Zoho Project is a project management tool which helps you to manage projects, your resources and tasks. with with the easy to use interface and features to closely monitor how your executions are taking place it forms a very important tool in the Zoho CRM Plus bundle.

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