ZOHO Customisation Partner

Zoho is a great software but sometimes it needs to be customised or integrated with other applications to reflect your business process. We understand this challenge and provide a complete range of customisation and integration services. 

All the customisation to meet your business needs

End to End Zoho Customisation Service

End to End Zoho Customisation

Deluge Based Customisations

A lot of times you need to go beyond the platform capabilities of Zoho applications to meet your business process needs. We help you achieve this by customising Zoho using Deluge so the necessary automations you need to run your business efficiently are taken care of.

Integration You Need

Zoho provides necessary capability to integrate with other applications you use, but you need to build those API's and write logic to make it work. We work closely with you to integrate Zoho with your other business applications so you have the data flowing across departments.

Do you Want to get Zoho Customised?

Zoho Products We Customise

Sales, Marketing & Support



Zoho Social


Zoho campaigns


Zoho sign


Zoho survey


Zoho salesiq

Sales IQ

Zoho Forms


Zoho bookings


Zoho marketing hub

Marketing Hub

HR & Finance



Zoho Books


Zoho Expense


Zoho Inventory





Zoho Mail


Zoho Cliq


Zoho Projects


Zoho workdrive

Work Drive

ZOHO Partner For Your Customisation Needs

Managing multiple systems is difficult. You need the data flowing across your systems. We build customisations and Integrations so your team has less work to do. 

Zoho CRM
ZOHO CRM Partner
Zoho One
ZOHO One Partner
Zoho Creator
ZOHO Creator Partner
Zoho People
ZOHO People Partner

We are here to solve your problem and delivery your needs

ZOHO Apps Implementation

Getting the right partner to implement Zoho Apps is very important. Our team of consultants will ensure you use ZOHO to its fullest potential.

Discover Zoho Implementation

ZOHO Apps Customisation

Sometimes Out-Of-The-Box processes might not be a good fit for your business. You need the right partner to understand your business and customise ZOHO.

Discover Zoho Customisation

ZOHO Apps Support

With continues new features added to ZOHO, You need a partner who would support you to help your users utilise ZOHO to its potential.

Discover Zoho Support

Your Zoho Customisation Partner To Help You Automate and Succeed

Zoho helps small and medium sized companies make their life easy at a cost they can afford. With the out of the box functionality available with its 45+ applications Zoho caters to most of the requirements a company needs but some times things have to be more tailored to your requirements and that is where customisation comes into picture. 

Many products from Zoho offer capability to customise its native functionality and add additional automation and features. As a Zoho Customisation partner to you, we understand your pain points and arrive at a customisation map which you can benefit from. We generally categorise the customisations into “Must haves” and “Desired” features and arrive at a phased approach to deploy the application to suite your business.  This approach benefits you to gradually increase your return on investment (ROI) and also helps your users learning curve. 

As a Zoho Partner we feel that implementation of a system with the right amount of customisation is at-most important. Too much customisation can lead to maintenance issues and further complications when you make any changes to the logic defined in the customisations as the dependencies increase.

The other aspect is when we talk of integrating Zoho applications with other systems you use in your ecosystem. Having data lying in separate system which do not interact with each other makes your day-today operations very tedious. There is where integration becomes necessary. Zoho Provides all the necessary tools and API’s to allow to integrate with modern applications. We work closely with you as your partner to integrate Zoho with your other applications to achieve optimal operational efficiency and your users do not feel it difficult to use the system. .

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