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One of its kind customer service management software that helps you manage your customer relationships. 

Context Aware Customer Support Tool

Zoho Desk is a ticketing application which helps you manage your customer queries in a well organised manner. Zoho Desk also allows you to define escalation rules, and workflow to smoothen out your processes. Software Search as a Zoho Desk partner configures the system to align with your processes. 

Zoho Desk

Improved Productivity Of Your Agents

Zoho Desk provides self service to customers and reducing the volume of tickets. Zoho Desk also helps you with improved agent productivity by assigning right to the right agent with a well defined process. Agents managing the tickets can collaborate between the teams and can be monitored for performance.

Streamline Support Processes

With powerful platform capability Zoho Desk helps companies to streamline processes and automate where-ever needed. You can create multiple departments and agent team to properly categories how the incoming tickets. With multiple channels to receive customer tickets it becomes even more easier for the customer to reach out to you.

Offer 24/7 Support From A Centralised Location

You do not need to now be available physically in the customer location to help with their query. Zoho Desk is a complete web based application that helps you serve your customer from where you are. You can now have a centralised team serving the globe 24/7.

Want To Implement Zoho Desk?

Your Zoho Desk Partner

Serving your customer when they need you keeps your business going. Zoho desk as a ticket management tool comes with features which help your company interact with your customer queries across multiple channels. May it be social media, Telephony email, forum or self service, Zoho Desk has it all. You can setup departments, and agent groups so your customer tickets reach to the right agent who can help resolve the enquiry. We at Software Search as a partner to you for Zoho Desk, help you setup the complete Desk system to work with your multiple channels and support policies. Incase you use Zoho CRM we integrate Zoho Desk with the CRM system so you can take full advantage of the system. We also train your agents on how to effectively use the system. 

As a partner to you for Zoho Desk, Software search is committed to work with you to to manage and deploy all the new features which Zoho Desk releases throughout the year. This ensures that you have the latest features deployed in your company which will help you grow further. 

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Getting the right partner to implement Zoho Apps is very important. Our team of consultants will ensure you use ZOHO to its fullest potential.

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Sometimes Out-Of-The-Box processes might not be a good fit for your business. You need the right partner to understand your business and customise ZOHO.

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With continues new features added to ZOHO, You need a partner who would support you to help your users utilise ZOHO to its potential.

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