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Manage your people more effectively with Zoho People. As a partner we help you implement Zoho People the right way. 

Managing Your Resources Got A Lot More Easier

Managing your talent has always been difficult as your teams grow. You need the right software for your team to use so they can effectively understand how they are performing and you can easily get details on their time and attendance and track leaves. You don’t need to have a complex system in place. In fact the more simple the system the better. Zoho People comes with a clean UI which makes it easy for your Employees and HR team to use giving a better adoption rate. With Zoho People you can do employee database management, Employee Self service, Time-off and Document management. You can also Integrate with e-signature and payroll systems.

Zoho Recruit

Employee On-boarding Process

With Zoho People you can have an end to end employee on-boarding process. You can set up a portal for new hires and add their personal email address so they can do the On-boarding formalities like submitting their documents, tax forms and make them aware of company policies.

Attendance Management For Better Monitoring

You can clearly understand if an employee has been present or absent. You can integrate your attendance management system with Zoho People to regularise as well. Your employees can also use Zoho's mobile attendance management system using Geo-restriction so you know exactly where your employees are logging in from. You can also define employee breaks and do shift scheduling so you have control on each shift of yours.

Monitor Performance And Reward Your Employees

Zoho People allows you to manage your performance monitoring with a 360 degree review mechanism. You can have your employees get reviewed any time by their peers and managers. You can also have employees anonymous feedback. Zoho People also allows you to set goals for each of your employees against which they can be rated while the performance review happens. Knowing your employee skill set is very important so they can be better utilised.

Want To Implement Zoho People?

Zoho People Partner

Zoho People offers a range of features so you can manage your employees better. right from Employee database management, employee on-boarding, attendance tracking, shift scheduling, timesheets, corporate LMS, performance management systems, case management, GPS and mobile attendance and much more.

As a Zoho People partner for you implementation, we support you to configure the entire end to end processes inside Zoho People. We also integrate with Zoho Recruit, your attendance system and other system necessary so you have a smooth experience. We also train your users on how to use Zoho People so you can take advantage of all the features to it’s maximum. 

Post implementation support is an important factor, we provide two options, we can either train your team to become a Zoho People administrator or you can opt for our support service for Zoho People and as a partner, we would support you throughout the year. 

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