Zoho People Plus

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From hiring to retiring, Zoho People Plus is a complete solution for your Human resource Management. Manage employee profile, Recruit new talent, process payroll and do 360 degree performance management. 

A Solution You Will Need To Hire And Retain Talent

With the growing need to hire the right talent and retain the best ones you need a complete suite which would give your employees the right experience. Zoho People Plus is a integrated suite of applications which helps you with recruitment, people management, appraisal management, payroll processing (India) and expense management of your employees. 

Zoho People Plus

Zoho People Plus Partner

Zoho People Plus comes with 7 applications which help you manage your employee relationship right from hire to retirement. Zoho People helps you manage your employee database, leave and attendance, performance appraisal, Travel management, Birthday reminders, and much more, Zoho recruit is your go-to solution when it comes to hiring new talent. Zoho Expense is a complete expense management tool that has built-in receipt scanner to make entering data a simple task. Zoho Cliq is a communication platform for all your organisational chat. Zoho Payroll helps you process your employee payroll like a charm. Zoho Connect is a platform for your employees to connect and collaborate, with features like Q&A and multi-thread conversations it serves as a platform for remote collaboration. 

Software Search as a partner to you implements Zoho People Plus in your company so you can grow faster with the right talent and giving due appraisals to those who deserve it. 

Zoho People

Zoho People

Zoho people is a complete HRMS system which helps you manage your employees better. With Zoho People you can do on-boarding, time tracking, leave management, and attendance management easily. Zoho People also helps you manage your employee review mechanism providing you necessary insights for performance management. You also get a case management tool which helps you prioritise your employee questions and answer them. The product also provides powerful customisation capability so all your processes can be configured.

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Zoho recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit helps you recruit faster and better. You can maintain your entire candidate hiring pipeline, scan resumes, and with the inbuilt AI capability recruit points out the best possible candidate for your job post. Zoho Recruit also integrates with linkedIn and other recruitment networks so you can publish your jobs across multiple platforms to gain higher visibility.

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Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense

It is important that you give your employees the right tools to claim their expenses. Zoho Expense is a simple yet powerful tool for your employees to enter expenses. Zoho Expense also has features of receipt scanning which helps your employees capture expenses by clicking a picture. Zoho Expense also has features to manage your travel approvals which makes is one of the best expense management software at the price it is offered.

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Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a communication platform that helps you streamline your team communication. You can connect Zoho Cliq to other platforms so your team can work in collaboration. All conversations you do over Cliq are searchable. With Zoho Cliq you have the power to collaborate with your team by video or audio calls and also get access to the organisational dictionary. Cliq forms a great add-on to the bundle of Zoho People Plus.

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zoho payroll

Zoho Payroll

Zoho Payroll is a recent addition to Zoho's portfolio of products. Zoho Payroll is right now only available in India. A HR system is only complete if it has the entire payroll processing mechanism. With zoho payroll you are able to manage your entire payroll and comply with the regulatory compliance.

zoho connect

Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is a collaboration platform which brings your teams together so they can work together. With powerful features of Q&A and polls Zoho Connect acts like a intranet for your company.

Zoho vault

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is a password manager which helps you manage your passwords across websites. You can store passwords in Zoho Vault and login to any site just by a click of a button. Zoho Vault also allows you to securely share credentials with your team without letting them know the actual password.

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