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A fully automated and intelligent cloud based solution to cater to your recruitment needs. 

The Tool You Need To Hire Better Talent

Zoho Recruit is a cloud based software which helps you streamline your recruitment processes.  You can easily define rules and policies aligned to your recruitment process giving a better experience to your candidates. Zoho Recruit is available for staffing agencies, corporate HR and for temporary workforce hires. With Zoho Recruit you can manage your recruitment talent better considering it has the necessary communication channels to communicate with your candidates. Zoho Recruit also integrates with Linkedin and many job portals allowing you to manage your hiring posts from one single interface. 

Zoho Recruit

Manage Hiring Pipeline

Zoho Recruit helps you manage your entire hiring pipeline. You can have recruitment requisitions coming form different managers and put those in your hiring pipeline or match existing resume repository against the hiring requirement. The system also has a AI based intelligent profile matching feature which makes it easy for the recruiters to match profiles to the hiring pipeline.

Assessments And Interviews

Zoho Recruit allows you to give assessment test even before the interviews are scheduled which ensures only the right candidates are called upon for the interview. Recruiters can also schedule interview meetings from the system itself and main feedback of the interviewer which can be a good reference when evaluating multiple candidates.

Employee Referral Management

Zoho Recruit provides a very interesting features wherein your employees can refer candidates. All the referred candidates can be tagged along an existing hiring pipeline. Your employees who have referred also can see the status of the referred candidates so to maintain a level of transparency.

Want To Implement Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit Partner

Recruitment has the fundamental process where you define who gets associated to your company deciding the direction of how your company grows. Good recruitment can lead to a very successful company. Zoho Recruit provides you the tools where you manage your entire recruitment process. At Software Search as implementation partners to you for Zoho Recruit, we help you in deploying Zoho Recruit. We as a partner to you create all the processes you need and explain to you how best these can be used. All the necessary training to best use the system is provided to your recruitment team which increases efficiency to use the software. 

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